Books and Articles

Bringing Back the Buffalo Trace – Anna Rochelle. This article was published in the Bloomington Herald Times, picked up by the Associated Press and was printed state-wide and even appeared in the Washington DC Times newspaper!

Retracing the Buffalo Trace – Nick Werner, Outdoor Indiana magazine

Where the Bison Roamed – Gillian Fulford and Elaina Wilson, 812 Magazine

The Buffalo Trace – Mike Homoya, DNR and Outdoor Indiana magazine

Salvaging Pioneer History Along the Ohio River – John Claflin, Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology

Salt on the Ohio Valley Frontier 1770-1820 – John Jakle, Annals of the Association of American Geographers

The Buffalo Trace – George Robert Wilson

Lost and Forgotten Historic Roads: The Buffalo Trace, a case study – Samuel P. Snell, Ryan L. Jackson and Angie R. Krieger

Why Bison Migrated to Kentucky – Tom Kimmerer