Buffalo Trace Box Items

Below is a list of items inside our Buffalo Trace Educational Boxes available at these locations. The boxes also come with classroom activities you can download here.

Who Came Down That Road book

The Floating House book

Wild World Series Bison book

Charles Moman’s Buffalo Trace Song. Download song.

DVD of the Reenactment of the survey done by David Rector in 1805. CDs provided by the Initial Point Chapter of the Indiana Society of Professional Surveyors. Reenactment coordinated by David Ruckman. Youtube video here.

Bison Manure (double bagged)

Buffalo Nickel

Acorn to represent the hardwoods and a source of food for the bison.

Compass and “Chain” to represent the links in an historic surveyor’s chain. The twine has sections divided up to represent the length of a link of a chain just as the surveyors would have used in the 1800s.

Sinew from a bison used for many purposes by Native Americans and pioneers.

Mineral salts which helped determine the route of the bison since they could never travel far from mineral sources.

Two pieces of bison hide, one from the hump area showing how shaggy and long it is, and one from the back of the bison which is shorter and dense.

Wooden nickels with information about bison.

Bison molar tooth

Section from a rifle that an Indiana Ranger might have used, a patch he would have used to push the ball down, and a pewter ball made to fit the rifle. The Rangers would have used lead balls, but we had pewter balls made for educational purposes.

The Seal of the State of Indiana. Reproductions provided by the Indiana Archives and Records Administration for their bicentennial project.

Bison Horn Cap

Bison hoof print

Schleich Bison

Postal Service Posters. Download printable version.

Stagecoach Postcard

Stagecoach figurine

Indiana State Flag

Cemetery Symbolism Flash Cards

Historic Surveyor’s Journal

Train Pocket Watch