Teacher Activities

These lesson plans are available inside our Buffalo Trace Educational Boxes, but we have also provided downloadable copies below.

Activity 1  Bison or Buffalo?
Activity 2  Touching the Bison
Activity 3  Life Cycle of a Bison
Activity 4  Bison Wallows
Activity 5  Chomp! Plop! How a Bison Gets Food In and Out
Activity 6  How Big is a Bison?
Activity 7  Bison by the Numbers
Activity 8  If a Bison Could Give Advice
Activity 9  Where Did the Bison Go?
Activity 10  Surveying the Buffalo Trace
Activity 11  Rangers of the Buffalo Trace
Activity 12  The Floating House
Activity 13  Using the Bison as a Symbol
Activity 14  Traveling the Buffalo Trace: Wrap-up Review Game
Activity 15  Who are the Native Americans of Indiana?
Activity 16  Follow the Bison Tracks
Activity 17  Deliver the Mail
Activity 18  Raising Bison
Activity 19  Indiana State Flag
Activity 20  Stagecoach Board Game
Activity 21 Tracking the History of Railroads in Indiana
Activity 22 Walking Tour of Southern Indiana Cemeteries